Global Language Institute

Global Initiative





1. 他者と協力するスキル(タスクベース学習とプロジェクトベース学習を通して)
2. 読む・書く能力
3. オーラルコミュニケーションスキル
4. 文化的社会的認識を深める
5. 自治力と参画、適応性の向上
6. 学習戦略(内容ベースの学習や言語内容を統合した学習)






The Global Language Institute Global Initiative is three-fold in that it strives to service schools, partner with businesses, and play an active role in the greater community. The initiative originated from the necessity to prepare Japanese students for becoming global, 21st century citizens in a connected and shrinking world where the language of global business is English.

To this end, it is of paramount importance that foreign and Japanese English teachers alike, receive the highest quality training and support so that they may in turn educate and support their students throughout their 8 years of compulsory English language study.

It is imperative in the 21st century for teachers to foster, and for English learners to develop, the following areas which are at the forefront of the Global Initiative -

1. Cooperative skills (through Task-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning)

2. Literacy Skills

3. Oral Communication skills

4. Cultural and Social Awareness

5. Autonomy and Adaptability

6. Learning Strategies (Content Based Learning and Content Language Integrated Learning)

A further goal of the Global Initiative is to address the unequivocal lack of instructional publications geared toward native English speaking teachers in Japan. This information scarcity is detrimental to the progress of English education in Japan, and one that Global Language Institute is committed to rectifying through quality, certified teacher training, and bilingual publications.

Global Language Institute also recognizes that English learning does not end with the university entrance exams. There is no end to language learning, and therefore, the scope of the Global Initiative extends beyond the education sector to include the business sector and the greater community. In the 21st century, the majority of industries in Japan are in one way or another connected to the rest of the world and as businesses continue to grow and evolve with the workforce becoming more international day by day, it is apparent that the need for specifically tailored, quality services, and dedicated, reliable support is becoming exceedingly necessary. The implications on the wider community are also many and varied in this respect, and the reach of Global Language Institute will also extend to support Tokyo’s foreign community.

The Global Initiative aims to comprehensively address and overcome challenges in English learning by providing education, support, and inspiration for those areas that have deep and lasting influences on Japan’s future as a leader in an ever globalizing world.